Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mob attacks the chancellor's castle!

"Everybody throw your lighters up, tell me y'all finna fight or what?" -The Coup

It is no secret that the kids are pissed. Since September, we’ve carried out over a dozen building takeovers of varying scale and intensity on California campuses, and during the Days of Action against Cuts and Hikes in November, students in Berkeley and LA actually fought police. In the past few days, evictions of occupied spaces at SFSU and Berkeley by the armed agents of the state and academy can only represent the future of this form of education. Last night, we marched to war and for once didn’t wait for the enemy to strike the first blow.

Everyone can follow the thread connecting these events. The police action towards students in the past few months could be accurately called “extraordinarily frightening and violent” as Birgeneau whined of the ruckus that woke him last night. As a leading beacon of the capitalist media recently observed, “Whether you're an oppressive foreign dictatorship or an American state in the process of committing fiscal suicide, you know you're losing the public relations battle when encounters between armor-clad riot police with truncheons and college students are broadcast on TV.” [First their pottery, then their skulls!]

Despite the liberal overtones, Newsweek exposes some important points. The dictatorship of capital is indeed performing an ensemble suicide, and as we are its captives, our will to live can only be expressed through revolt -- refusal, negation, and the unleashing of unlimited human strikes. As students, we are supposed to be the embodiment of society producing its own future, but this society has no future; there will be no “return to normal” and we must find ways to inhabit this reality. From Berkeley to Greece and back around the other side, we are in civil war. This is the basis of modern life, and it is high time we illuminate this fact for any who remain confused.

It’s worth noting that last night, the activist-mediators and movement-bureaucrats who have behaved as volunteer deputies so many times in the past few months were nowhere to be seen. This was neither peaceful nor a protest; the time for dialogue is over. The path of reform and representation is our target as much as the sphere of academic production itself. Birgeneau was right, we are “criminals, not activists”: we are no longer kept obedient by the myth of peace as our normal condition. We must wonder as well about the people who cleared obstructions from the street in the wake of the march – streets used minutes later by police who attacked the mob and arrested 8 comrades on extreme and absurd charges. A reminder to everyone: solidarity means attack!

The rage that was loosed upon the chancellor’s disgusting palace was not only well-deserved, but a long time coming and should not by any means stop there. Not until every knowledge-factory grinds to a halt and every rich man’s house is either squatted or burned to the ground.

ELF hints toward the future

NAELFPO Media Release: 09.25.09

September 25, 2009

Earth Liberation Front Threatens Future Actions of Environmental Protection in Graffiti Left on Buildings in WA

Maltby, WA – The underground environmental protection group, Earth Liberation Front (ELF) left a strong warning in Washington State this week, spray-painting a message on industrial buildings in the City of Maltby.

The message, left specifically for the Master Builder's Association and Andy Skotdal, owner of Everett's KRKO-AM 1380 radio station, stated:

" MBA KRKO/Snotdol Empire. If you continue to risk killing children, mother earth and her creations, all your holdings are targets. Rise up earth children, ever, ever, ever, ever so carefully. They watch everything. The time is now. Authentic ELF? Ask ATF/FBI about restricted water mains. Little water, better burn. ELF."

On September 4, the ELF knocked down two radio towers owned by Skotdal and KRKO near Everett, WA, leaving a banner claiming responsibility. Previously, on March 3, 2008, the ELF was responsible for burning three homes in the Woodinville, WA Street Of Dreams, inflicting $7 million in damages.

" We believe this is a strong warning directed specifically to the Skotdal family and the Master Builder's Association," stated Tomas Peterson, a spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front Press Office. "If these entities continue to threaten the health and welfare of the planet, it is very likely we will see future actions by the ELF."

The Earth Liberation Front is an international environmental protection movement that uses direct action in the form of economic sabotage to remove the profit motive from environmental destruction. Existing since the mid-1990s, the ELF has inflicted well over $150 million in damages to corporations and governmental agencies that profit from the destruction of the environment.

" The ELF takes action to stop the ecoterrorism caused by industries and governments who are more concerned with financial gain than they are with the health of their children, of their citizens, wildlife and planet," Peterson continued. "Only when all of the corporate and governmental ecoterrorists have ended their destructive practices will the ELF be satisfied."

The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office is a legal news organization reporting on the covert direct actions committed by the Earth Liberation Front.


North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office
(202) 521-1482

Saturday, September 5, 2009

ELF topples radio towers; Snohomish County, WA

September 4, 2009

Earth Liberation Front Topples Radio Station Towers in Snohomish County, WA
Everett, WA: Two radio station towers were torn down early Friday by the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) in the Lord's Hills valley in Snohomish County, WA. The towers, owned by station KRKO, have been a source of controversy for years. A sign left at the scene claimed responsibility by the ELF.

'Due to the health and environmental risks associated with radio waves emitted from the towers, we applaud this act by the ELF," stated Jason Crawford, a spokesperson for the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office. "When all legal channels of opposition have been exhausted, concerned citizens have to take action into their own hands to protect life and the planet.'

For the past eight years, opponents have waged a legal battle against the towers, arguing that AM radio waves cause adverse health affects including a higher rate of cancer, harm to wildlife, and that the signals have been interfering with home phone and intercom lines.
Last year, the first four towers were erected by KRKO after numerous hearings and appeals. KRKO plans to build two more towers to boost the station's broadcasting power.

'We have to weigh our priorities and the local ecosystem in Everett, along with the local residents, do not need additional sports news radio station towers that come at the expense of reduced property values and harmful radio waves,' Crawford continued. "We sincerely hope that people continue to take direct action to stop the threats to human health, wildlife and the planet.'

The E.L.F. is an international underground organization that uses direct action in the form of economic sabotage to stop the systematic exploitation and destruction of the planet. Since its inception in North America in 1996, the ELF has inflicted well over $150 million in damages to corporations and governmental agencies that are profiting from the destruction of the Earth.

The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office is a legal news agency representing the earth liberation movement. The NAELFPO reports on the covert direct actions taken by the Earth Liberation Front in defense of the planet. Targeting deforestation, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), urban sprawl, automobile and industry pollution, and other threats to the natural environment, the Earth Liberation Front uses nonviolent economic sabotage to compel industries and governments to reshape their environmentally destructive policies.
The NAELFPO can be found on the web at"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wells Fargo Attacked; Arcata, CA

"Report of solidarity action for Puget Sound

destroy the prisons! destroy the banks! smash ICE!
sometime last weekend anarchists attacked wells fargo bank in arcata california. wells fargo is an investor in the GEO group. the GEO group is a corporation that runs private prisons in many countries throughout the world. one such prison is the ICE northwest detention center in tacoma.

this action is in response to the recent pepper spraying of people at the northwest dentention center in tacoma, as well as the ICE raids that took place at the sun valley group flower factory in arcata last year. the realities of daily life in prison and at work in factories are terrible enough. why does ICE seek to increase the misery?

solidarity means attack: this is dedicated to the south puget sound anarchists who are being punished for charges stemming from the events of may day 2008. as they endure their punishments may this serve as a reference point for them as their actions have served as a reference point for many. destroy the prisons! destroy the banks! smash ICE! "

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Santa Cruz, CA: Ecotage at Construction Site, $500,000 in Damage

Vandals cause $500K in damage

A vandalism of a Green Hills Road construction site during the weekend caused at least $500,000 in damage to 15 tractors and earth movers, Scotts Valley police reported Tuesday.

The damage was discovered Monday morning. Two or more vandals put a mortar-like substance into the engine blocks or fuel lines of all the large machinery at the project site, where a company is in the early stages of building a 16-home development, according to police.

No one has claimed responsibility and investigators have no suspects, though they did collect evidence at the scene, police Lt. John Hohmann said.

Police have not categorized the crime as ecoterrorism, but the FBI offered assistance in the investigation. Scotts Valley police are also collaborating with UC Santa Cruz police. Hohmann said the university has had "quite a few incidents" of similar vandalism, the most recent of which was a few weeks ago. No one has been arrested in connection with those incidents and UCSC police have no suspects, Hohmann said.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

McDonald's sabatoged Olympia, WA

From Seattle IMC:

"Olympia McDonald's Sabotaged with concrete in toilets.

Last week, toilets in both bathrooms at the McDonald's in Olympia, WA were stopped and flooded by concrete in the pipes. McDonald's is a major sponsor of the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver, "B.C." Tribes of the Coast Salish Territory are opposed to the entire occupation of their lands by the Kanadian state. The Olympic games are nothing but a ruse for taking and exploiting more native land. Revolutionary solidarity means attack!

Anarchists shut down Nazis; Seattle,WA

From Seattle IMC:

"On July 18th, anarchists in Seattle Washington converged downtown to confront a group of Nazis gathering to host a lecture by British Holocaust Denier David Irving.

Organizers only had one week to prepare for David Irving's arrival, and had considerable difficulty finding the actual location of the lecture. Fascists had cleverly only disclosed the actual location hours before the event, and only gave the information to people who had registered online with credit cards. This made the action considerably more difficult to organize around, but after a great effort by organizers (including calling every venue and hotel in town), David Irving was found.

The action was not organized through any established antifascist organization, because no active group in Seattle took the necessary initiative. Instead, local anarchists put out a call to all interested people to meet downtown and quickly plan the days strategy out.

Once assembled, nazi's patrolling the area called the Seattle Police Department to crack down on an "anarchist mob" forming in the streets. Anarchists, aware of the increasing amount of bike police and cruisers surrounding the area, quickly moved to a new location in small groups so as not to be followed.

Once gathered in a new location away from the police, scouts who had infiltrated the lecture and the Best Western Hotel it was being held in, shared photo's with the group to give them an idea of what they were up against. After brief discussion, the group of about 30 anti-fascists took to the streets and marched quickly to the hotel. Several participants tried to storm the building, but riot police were standing by and ejected them immediately.

But the panic of the guests inside, and the growing anger of the mob outside was enough incentive for the hotels manager to inform David and his band of Nazi's that they had to leave. They put up a fuss, but security escorted them out.

David Irving is now banned from all Best Western Inns, and a new network of anti-fascists has been born in Seattle to continue confronting fascism where it appears."

Anti-I.C.E. Banner Dropped Tacoma, WA

From Seattle IMC:

"A banner against the ICE Detention facilities was dropped from a building in downtown Tacoma.

On Friday, July 17, a giant banner against the ICE detention centers was dropped off of an emblematic dilapidated building in downtown Tacoma. The banner faced two sides of the giant Wells Fargo building, for all the little Eichmanns inside to see.

It read:

Wells Fargo is a major investor in the Geo Group, which runs prisons for ICE, including the notorious Northwest Detention Facility located less than a mile within the port of Tacoma.

The building here was just on the front page of the local weekly with a flaming headline of it being in 'DANGER' of imminent collapse.

No police activity could be seen there early in the day, but the entire banner was gone by evening."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Police Station Attacked Olympia, WA

From Seattle IMC:

"In response to the violent and escalating behavior displayed by the Olympia "Police Department" in downtown Olympia on Saturday night, the westside police station was later hit with 25 paint bombs. Apparently, they were still too busy attacking pedestrians to notice."

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Billboards Revised in Seattle, WA

Several commercial billboards in Seattle were corrected, to provide more accurate information to the public.

The Seattle PI reports that several Seattle-area billboards were altered, the result being a commentary, rather than the corporate-design. The PI refers to it as 'vandalism' or 'defacement'.

>>>On the editing of advertisement...

Well, it seems as if the peoples' voice has been heard. The revision now provides what some seem to call accurate information. Interesting that nutrition and taste in food seem to be motivators. Now people know that capitalism equals Starbucks which then equals a bad taste in your mouth. Effective, probably not. But what is anyway? An attempt at alternative communication, no disagreement there.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Condos attacked in Tacoma, WA

Wednesday night we threw pieces of concrete through multiple condo windows in the Tacoma area.

This action was taken in response to the disgusting attempt by the City of Tacoma to gentrify our neighborhoods and city.

Fuck condos, fuck gentrification, fuck Point Ruston, and fuck Seattle yuppies.

In solidarity with ourselves.

>>>On the broken condo windows...

Similarly to the past post, this communique is unsurprisingly romantic yet with a dash of spice. The attack itself is typical as well. But one need not strive for a vast variety, windows are windows and they are everywhere. These people get there point across, in a crude manner, yet it's straight to the point as is the act. Both simple and mostly ineffective. A broken window is synonymous with a "fuck you". In that sense then they struck twice!

But, let's here it again for attempting to actualize the desire of the destruction of capital!

Surveillance Cameras Attacked in Tacoma, WA

Last week a few anarchists attacked multiple CCTV cameras in north Tacoma.

Surveillance cameras only aid in the furtherance of the prison system we live in. The destruction of the cameras was an act against the attempt to "sweep the streets" of the city, and against the persistent ICE raids in the Puget Sound area.

In solidarity with the kidnapped, deported, and imprisoned.

>>>On the sabotage of cameras...

The communique released on Seattle Indymedia is predictably romantic. They speak of acting against I.C.E. raids, the prison system, as well as alluding briefly to gentrification. Regardless of the cliche style, an action is an action. It is not special. One can just hope that those involved do not know think that the area of Tacoma is now rid of the prison system or that the detention center will shut down. That instead, they were compelled to express their anger through the wreckage of cameras purely because they felt incapable of much else.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Multiple Luxury Cars Tires Slashed in Kennewick, WA


KENNEWICK, Wash-- A number of families living on South Tacoma St. in Kennewick woke up to find their tires had been slashed. Police say someone used a knife to slash tires on ten cars up and down that street.

For one Kennewick man, slashed tires are just the latest in a string of problems. He says he has had five vehicles stolen from his house. Now he's worried what will happen to his insurance.

"All these cars, five of them, I mean I'm afraid my insurance is going to drop me. I'm not reporting the tires to them, I'll just go buy new tires," said Jack Jones.
One neighbor even had three tires on their new Lexus slashed. Kennewick Police say they are still investigating and have no suspects.

>>>On the slashing of tires...

The local news report tells a tale of despair and distress. Those targeted are portrayed as victims of an already tough economy and now may face an insurance "drop". There is no mention of motives. The area of the attack was in an affluent section of Kennewick. The vehicles chosen were various luxury cars. Although one cannot know the very aspirations of the person or persons involved in the attack it is apparent that the strike was consciously directed toward those of the upper class stratum. It is a simple decision to slash tires of the bourgeoisie, nothing unheard of. The act does not create rupture. But for the person(s) participating it can be an outlet for the daily oppression that they experience which is perpetrated by those indulging in capitalism from the top sphere.

Elliot Blockade Currently Disengaged! Remaining 8 Arrested! 20 People Released

On July 6th forest defenders from Cascadia and across the country set up road blockades at the Umpcoos Ridge timber sale to save some of the last native forests in Oregon from clearcutting. The Elliot State Forest is one of the few remaining intact coastal forest ecosystems, and provides critical habit for Spotted Owls, Coho Salmon, and Marbled Murrelets.

Logging has been halted in the forest but the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), the state patrol, and the Douglass County Sheriffs have begun extracting people from the blockades using heavy handed police state tactics. So far over 23 people have been confirmed arrested in police raids on the blockade.

** We just got word that the remaining people in the forest have been arrested and the blockade taken down. These remaining 8 people will be processed today. All of these people desperately need your support!

We are reaching out to our friends far and wide to try and raise bail
money for those already arrested and those facing charges for
defending the forests. You can donate using paypal by going to the

There are numerous benefits in the works right now. If you can help out
with any fund-raising, please let me know.

Jail Support:
** 20 people have just been released! Right now we are working on rides
for these folks. Please let me know if you are able to give a ride.

>>>On the Elliot Free State...

Martyrdom only continues. The Elliot "Free" State method of lock down and patiently awaiting arrest are not only compromising, but ineffective. The people involved built barricades of sorts which seemed to be somewhat substantial on their own. Yet, they continued to play into the role of the "activist". The activist, the martyr, the dogma victim. What did the people at Elliot expect to get out of this action? If it was the forest that was motivating their desires then what was the premise behind sacrifice by lock down? It is evident that when one locks down, then arrest is inevitable. Yet, when one acts swiftly and precise then arrest may be evaded. The slogan of "No Comprise!" seems particularly hollow in this case, putting oneself on the forefront with literally no way to run or rearrange strategies is essentially comprise. The fact that the police will come, cut, and arrest is inescapable with these tactics. Willingly going to jail creates more problems in an already problematic, stressful world. It is best that jail and arrest are avoided, not openly encouraged. The government we live in is not a weak one, actions like such as not inclined to lead to upheaval or "success" and therefore should be orchestrated in the shadows.

Elliot Free State Locks Down, Resists Police Raid

From Portland IMC:

60+ Law enforcement officers(LEO) have arrived to raid Elliott Free State. Protesters respond by locking down to all devices possible. 15 activists respond by locking down to multiple creative and beautiful devices from sky pods and bi pods to a lock down device in the road with an activist's arm locked to the road through the side of the overturned van.

Spirits are very high and confidence of holding the blockade is strong. "Our message to the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and Roseburg Forest Products is that they permanently halt all logging in the Umpcoos and Fishing Cougar timber sales. Large private forests owned by big businessess are exempted from timber harvest taxes so that when it comes time to fund schools, the public has to foot the bill. I feel like folks are getting tired of this 'Good for Wall Street and bad for Main Street' phrase, but it is still extremely relevant. ODF, change your business practices." said Joshua Partridge of Cascadia Rising Tide (CRT).


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Road Blockade Stops Logging In Elliott State Forest: Call For Action

From Portland IMC:

Today (07/06/09), a group of Cascadia Earth First!ers and Rising Tide members took action against the continued liquidation and destruction of Oregon's Elliot State Forest. Using sky pods, bipods, road blockades , overturned cargo vans, lock downs and many other beautiful installations, the road to Umpcoos Ridge timber sale has been oc cupied, held and reclaimed f or the forest, the people and future generations.

The blockade stands, and WE CAN HOLD THE ROAD, but NOT WITHOUT YOUR HELP! Please take some time to protect your public land!


This blog is an attempt to make known any reported direct action from the Western region of the States. Acknowledging that most strikes at the infrastructure are insignificant in the sense of the sought after "rupture" with this culture. Those that do act are not participating in anything unique. Sabotage is a regular occurrence, even outside of the anarchist milieu. Actions, large and small, are nothing to idolize. There is a large discontent; whether it be property destruction, robbery, riot, or a prison escape but these actions are not unusual just simply (or should be) based on people actualize their desires, not to be confused with some greater cause of social war. Although most of us could say that we strive for insurrection, a few windows broken is not an insurrection. Nonetheless we do feel that actions are vital just as long as they are not construed as a massive social upheaval.