Friday, July 10, 2009

Surveillance Cameras Attacked in Tacoma, WA

Last week a few anarchists attacked multiple CCTV cameras in north Tacoma.

Surveillance cameras only aid in the furtherance of the prison system we live in. The destruction of the cameras was an act against the attempt to "sweep the streets" of the city, and against the persistent ICE raids in the Puget Sound area.

In solidarity with the kidnapped, deported, and imprisoned.

>>>On the sabotage of cameras...

The communique released on Seattle Indymedia is predictably romantic. They speak of acting against I.C.E. raids, the prison system, as well as alluding briefly to gentrification. Regardless of the cliche style, an action is an action. It is not special. One can just hope that those involved do not know think that the area of Tacoma is now rid of the prison system or that the detention center will shut down. That instead, they were compelled to express their anger through the wreckage of cameras purely because they felt incapable of much else.

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