Thursday, July 9, 2009

Multiple Luxury Cars Tires Slashed in Kennewick, WA


KENNEWICK, Wash-- A number of families living on South Tacoma St. in Kennewick woke up to find their tires had been slashed. Police say someone used a knife to slash tires on ten cars up and down that street.

For one Kennewick man, slashed tires are just the latest in a string of problems. He says he has had five vehicles stolen from his house. Now he's worried what will happen to his insurance.

"All these cars, five of them, I mean I'm afraid my insurance is going to drop me. I'm not reporting the tires to them, I'll just go buy new tires," said Jack Jones.
One neighbor even had three tires on their new Lexus slashed. Kennewick Police say they are still investigating and have no suspects.

>>>On the slashing of tires...

The local news report tells a tale of despair and distress. Those targeted are portrayed as victims of an already tough economy and now may face an insurance "drop". There is no mention of motives. The area of the attack was in an affluent section of Kennewick. The vehicles chosen were various luxury cars. Although one cannot know the very aspirations of the person or persons involved in the attack it is apparent that the strike was consciously directed toward those of the upper class stratum. It is a simple decision to slash tires of the bourgeoisie, nothing unheard of. The act does not create rupture. But for the person(s) participating it can be an outlet for the daily oppression that they experience which is perpetrated by those indulging in capitalism from the top sphere.


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