Friday, August 28, 2009

Wells Fargo Attacked; Arcata, CA

"Report of solidarity action for Puget Sound

destroy the prisons! destroy the banks! smash ICE!
sometime last weekend anarchists attacked wells fargo bank in arcata california. wells fargo is an investor in the GEO group. the GEO group is a corporation that runs private prisons in many countries throughout the world. one such prison is the ICE northwest detention center in tacoma.

this action is in response to the recent pepper spraying of people at the northwest dentention center in tacoma, as well as the ICE raids that took place at the sun valley group flower factory in arcata last year. the realities of daily life in prison and at work in factories are terrible enough. why does ICE seek to increase the misery?

solidarity means attack: this is dedicated to the south puget sound anarchists who are being punished for charges stemming from the events of may day 2008. as they endure their punishments may this serve as a reference point for them as their actions have served as a reference point for many. destroy the prisons! destroy the banks! smash ICE! "

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  1. ELF topples radio towers in Washington St: